Every Day I'm Hustling

Having a full-time job and a family, it's so easy to get into survival mode instead of "life" mode.  To do things you have to do as opposed to things you want to do.  Often times we have all found ourselves at one point or another working a job or letting a job work us but not really pursuing the dreams we originally wanted to pursue.   Or maybe we might have put goals to the side while focusing on "paying bills".  Then, time flies by, as it often does and we think it's too late to make a change or we have gotten too old to do something we want to do.  This is completely false and the biggest lesson for me this past year is regaining a sense of entitlement.  When I say entitlement, I"m not talking about being spoiled.  I'm talking about having a sense of what you want and feeling comfortable with actually going after it and having it.  Sometimes we have a dream or vision in our head but on some deep subconscious level, we don't really feel like it can happen.  You will obviously never ever know if you don't exert a concerted effort in making your dream come true.

In July, I will be launching a video series with One Love TV where we talk to various people "living their bliss".  I am inspired by these people and feel encouraged to make sure I do the same.  Now please go forth and #hustle !