Fun With My Boo

Today my son's school had a class trip to the Liberty Science Center and since he is only 21 months old, he is not permitted to ride on the bus.  (You have to be 22 months.)  Of course I'm all about exposing him to as much as possible so I happily took the day off to chaperone.  LOVED IT!

Any day to spend time with my baby, is a great day for me.  Plus, I love getting to experience all these new things with him.  To be honest, the place is geared to children 7 and older but there was one room for small children and there were animals!  He was crazy about the turtles.  Sidebar: I may have passed my rodent phobia on to him subconsciously or perhaps, it was the way I squealed in horror when we got to that display.  Then I tried my hardest to take him back because I don't want him to be fearful but I guess it was too late.  THANK GOD because I don't know how long I could have stood in front of rodents behind a glass window and I probably need to have my eyes open to watch him....I digress.

We had an amazing time but I was in a bit of a rush this morning preparing and needless to say, I neglected to pack as many snacks as I needed.  I really hate when I'm in the company of another parent and they have packed the entire grocery store and toy chest and all the little accessories that go with everything.  I'm not mad at the other parent, I just come face to face with my own organizational unpreparedness... Ummm if that's a thing.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  Children require lots of stuff. I only had on train, one container of pineapple, two juices, a sippy cup with water and of course diapers and wipes.  I failed to pack the what if stuff.  What if he gets tired of the train? What if he doesn't want the pineapple? What if he isn't in the mood for that juice? TOUGH, then it's water or nothing:)  Fortunately, there were other mothers who were the what if types and came full stocked with animal crackers, multiple toys, watermelon, etc.   

I started writing this yesterday during my son's nap and by the time we got home after meeting up with a friend, I never had a chance to finish it.  I sucks because I had all these thoughts I wanted to share.

After my son's nap, we went back out to meet a friend for dinner.  Luca is so good at restaurants maybe since he has been going to them since he was basically a newborn.  When we left the restaurant, we ran into a Caucasian couple with a Black son who was about Luca's age.   Luca tried to play with the boy but he was a little shy.  This boy was truly gorgeous and his parents were super sweet.  Eventually, after much prodding, Luca finally got a smile out of "Mikey".  Honestly, I really just love the fact that this couple adopted a Black boy, supposedly the least adopted group of children.  That warmed my heart.