Count Your Blessings

I had an amazing Memorial Weekend.  It was non-stop which is why I have neglected my blog a bit but I promise to do better.  Plus, there is so much I want to write about but I can always write new posts.  Saturday, I got to hang out with my family.  As I mentioned before, my husband is currently in an Off-Broadway play and his rehearsal schedule is pretty intense.  We have not spent much time together over the past few weeks so just being able to be with him and my son the entire day, was a treat in and of itself.  

We took Luca to the park to run in the sprinklers.  I took him the day before when I picked him up from daycare but I was unprepared because it was an impromptu thing.  However, on Saturday, I was ready with his towel, change of clothes, swim trunks etc.  Needless to say, he wore himself out so much earlier in the day when he hung out in the garden that he didn't really get into it.  We decided to leave and grab some food even though we were headed to a bbq later that day but hubby decided he couldn't wait.  

 Why is he so big?

Why is he so big?

We have two 'good ole faithful' brunch spots that we go to!  One that serves booze the other one doesn't.  We went to the BYOB spot.  Then, we hit up a bbq my good friend from college was having.   We have been friends for almost *gasp* 20 years!  She is pregnant and newly engaged!!! I'm over the moon excited for her.

We ended the day at a very close friend of ours who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer that spread after a treatment.  There is absolutely nothing like being confronted with a terminal illness to put things in perspective in a major way.  So many times I find myself complaining about little things...I hate my job.  I want a Chanel bag.  I want to travel more.  I need more money.  I want to spend more time with my son.  The list continues.  

So many times I forget to count my blessings.  Be thankful for my health!  My beautiful family. My home.  The list also continues!  Lately, I have decided to remind myself every day, how incredibly fortunate I am.  When I find myself getting into this ungrateful, complaint riddled place, I literally stop and thank God for my health!  For my baby!  The baby I didn't think I was going to have.  Everything is about perspective...have you checked yours lately??