A Hater's Gonna Hate

How was your weekend?  Mine was awesome.  Exhausting but fun nonetheless.  We are getting our backyard in shape and I love to sit outside and sip a glass of chilled rosé while my husband grills and my son plays in the grass or waters our veggies. 

My son had his first soccer class on Saturday and it was a blast!  He’s a natural and he likes to win, so when kicking the ball got frustrating for him, he just picked it up and put it in the goal and clapped his hands with a “yeaaaaaaah”.  I love it.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Recently, I was talking to a few friends.  One embarked on this incredible new endeavor and then decided to try something different with it.  She received some discouraging feedback from a colleague about her idea.  Another friend of mine is in a relationship with a man she is very much in love with but has hit a serious roadblock with a meddlesome family member who refuses to let the happy couple just be.  I have encountered so many people that make it their mission to disrupt other people’s happiness.  It’s almost like they get upset for some reason when you are doing something that makes you happy and they feel the incessant need to match your enthusiasm and happiness with doubt and negativity. 

Over the years, I had found myself being super tight lipped about the things and people that matter most to me because I want to protect them from this kind of fruitless and base energy.  I’m not sure what people get out of being mean and hateful but it is a major turn off to me.   I think some people are just so damaged, they don’t even know what a peaceful state of mind feels like and if they do know, it isn’t a natural or desirable place to be.  They may even go out of their way to introduce drama to their life because a life full of drama and bs is a life they are comfortable with.  There is even a level of satisfaction some people receive from completely ruining your day and taking you out of your happy place.  It is easier said than done that you shouldn’t give someone this kind of power over your life. 

I have definitely experienced this and in the past I think it always made me self-conscious about my choices.  The man I chose to be with that someone bashed.  The outfit I wore that someone felt was “interesting”.  The idea or dream I decided to pursue that someone expressed was unrealistic or believed it imperative to note “how incredibly difficult it would be to achieve”.  In layman’s terms, these are called “haters”.  If you have one, two or a few, be thankful and know that you must be on to something incredible since someone else is envious of it.  They could also serve as an inspiration for what you don’t want to be and what you refuse to have in your life.  Lastly, they should serve as catalysts to push you to your happiest place ever and avoid turning into a bitter type that always complains or criticizes someone else for having or doing what they cannot.  Happiness is absolutely a choice and sometimes it truly means the conscious choice of shutting down and shutting out a hater!