Team #nofilter - Glow Skin, Glow

I have been obsessed with all things beauty for a while.  When I was young and learning about Ancient Egypt, I was inspired to luxuriate in my own milk bath using the family's gallon of milk. That didn't quite go over so well with my father but it was a soothing experience for me nonetheless and I remember my skin being incredibly soft afterwards.  

These days I look for ways to keep my skin clear and moisturized so it can remain radiant and I don't have to depend on make-up to close the gap on beautiful skin. In fact, my entire routine is built so that wearing make-up is optional. One of the best steps I've added to my routine is hydration. Of course I try to drink as much water as possible throughout the day but topical hydration has proven to be quite beneficial as well. 

I spray it on after I clean my face and before my moisturizer and whatever additional serum I use. It really aids my skin in absorbing these products.  I have noticed a difference almost immediately.  Especially, in the cold weather when you have to work overtime to prevent dry skin. l even spritz my face a couple of times throughout the day as well even over make-up.

My favorite products are:

1. Pearlessence Coconut Water, $6 - I discovered this one at a TJ Maxx. Sidebar: I could truly get lost in the beauty section there.  There are just too many amazing economical beauty finds. The entire section is kryptonite for a product junkie.

2. Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin, $12 - This smells like a dream probably my favorite. It is supposed to raise your energy when you use it. 

3. Avène Thermal Spring Water, $18 - This has been the rage for a while. French women know all about the many benefits of thermal water on skin. I keep mine refrigerated.  It's like a shot of espresso for your face in the morning.

How do you keep your skin hydrated?