The Art of the Quickie - Make Up speak ONLY:)

I've found that simplicity works best with me when it comes to both skincare and cosmetics for me.  These are the products I use for my daily 'face beat'.  


  • Becca Aqualuminous Perfecting Foundation - I've tried so many different foundations and while I would probably need to mix a couple of shades together to match my skin perfectly, this color foundation works well. Color aside, the formula is so light and it gives you a glowing, seamless finish. I love the applicator. After placing a few dots on my face, I use the brush to blend it into my skin.Trust me when I say, people will compliment your skin all day. I use 'Warm Honey'.
  • Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer - This is undoubtedly the best concealer I've used. The color is perfect and the formula works extremely well to camouflage blemishes. I use creme caramel.
  • Nars Blush - I use the color 'orgasm'. This is a great color for all complexions and gives you a natural flushed look.  
  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana - I love this powder. My mother actually used it as well. It's a solid product that has been around forever and helps to set your make up.

Eyes (in order of use)

  • Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector – I put this on under my eyes with a q-tip before using my under-eye concealer. It does what its descriptor says: brightens my eyes and it helps my concealer go on more smoothly. However, you could definitely skip this step and still achieve great results.
  • Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème – I use this in ‘Honeycomb’, but obviously you have to find the shade that works for you. I have found that a lot of concealers sometimes settle into your creases and while this may happen more depending on the creases you have, this particular concealer does not cake up,
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer - I love strong thick eyebrows right now.  I used to get them threaded but now I do minimal maintenance and use a razor and pluck underneath the brow my self. However, since I don't have naturally thick eyebrows, I use this pencil to fill them in. Instead of drawing them in which can look very harsh, I create little hair like strokes with the slanted pencil. I love the way it looks and can't leave the house without at least doing this one step if I don't do the rest of my face. I use the 'dark brown' color.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel - This just adds additional color and gives the appearance of thicker brows. It will also hold your brows in place if you have that problem. I do not.  I sweep this on after I fill my brows in.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil -  I use this half way under my brow until the end of the brow under the arch.  It really makes the brow pop and gives you a bit of an eye lift.  I have the 'Matte Shell' color.

Best Cosmetic Investment - You'll notice mascara is not on the list.  That's because I usually do eyelash extensions on a regular basis.  I love the way they look even with not one drop of make up. They add that e ne said quoi factor.  I've tried growing my own and actually found two great products that worked amazingly well but they did nothing to thicken my eyelashes. Plus, this saves me a step and I'm all about shaving minutes off of my beauty routine.

These are the basic products I used to whip my face in shape on a daily basis.  Many times, I add a cat eye and under eyeliner as well.  It takes me roughly 10-15 minutes to do basic make up because I have a system.  I even do this in the car sometimes.  While I want to look pulled together, as the mother of a young toddler, I don't really have time to get crazy. Unless I'm going out at night, in which case, I'll spend a little more time making sure I look 'beat'.

 What product is essential for you?