Happy Birthday to My Love

Happy Birthday to my dopest love..my deepest love...my kindest love...my longest love.  Most accepting love.  To the man who taught me the right kind of love...my healthiest love...the love that inspires me to want to be better...to want to be more me.

Happy Birthday to that man in my life that I share my most valuable treasure with...a man who keeps me inspired by his raw and undeniable talent..keeps me wondering and marveling at his amazing mind...keeps me grateful for his limitless patience...to my closest and truest friend.

May your cup overflow with happiness...may you always have your health...may you always be inspired..may you live the fullest and continue to love and be loved the hardest...may you be wealthy with possessions no money can buy and rich with heavenly blessings.

Happy Birthday to my anchor, partner in crime, the most insane beat to my sweet lyrics.  Happy Birthday to my lover for life, best friend forever, King and husband.