Beauty Spotlight: My Sweetest 20 minutes

As I get older, I have discovered that just washing my face and hopping in bed simply won't do.  My skin requires far more care than that.  Especially since I wear makeup, which I never really did when I was a teenager.  I really love all things beauty and am constantly trying to find highly effective and economical products that improve the quality of my skin, are user friendly, and don't require much time.

Enter in Korean sheet masks!  This one product has completely changed my skin and I can not see going back to a daily skin regimen that does not include them.  They are masks soaked in various essences that are easily absorbed into your skin.  There is a mask for everything so you can truly customize your usage based on your skin's needs.  My steady rotation includes masks that are brightening, moisturizing and revitalizing.

I use them in the evening after I put my son down.  I wash my face and usually put a little anti-aging serum on my forehead before using my masks so the serum can penetrate deeper into my skin.  I put a mask on and I relax for 20 minutes.  You can do it for 10 minutes but you can literally use one while you go about doing whatever it is you need to do for the evening.  I recommend just taking 20 minutes to yourself to decompress and relax.  After I peel off the mask, I let whatever essence is left over, dry into my skin before using my night cream.  No need to wash off and it's just that simple!  

My skin always feels refreshed afterwards and I see a difference right away.  Sometimes I may even use one before work if I'm not going to wear makeup that day.  I'll just use my SPF instead of night cream.  The sweetest 20 minutes of the day!

What's your beauty staple?  

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