Bathtime is Fun Time

I never have to beg my son to take a bath. As soon as I mention that it's bath time, he happily goes to his room to get ready. As he gets older, I have discovered a few products that help make bath time entertaining and educational. You certainly don't have to use them all at once. 

  • As the water is running, I let him add a color bath tablet and have him tell me the color he sees.We are still on primary colors. A few weeks ago, he knew most of the colors. However, now everything seems to be either yellow or pink. First, he says 'yellow' and then, when we say 'no', he says, 'pink'. Ok - small regression on this front. We're working on it.
  • We also add bubble bath of course. There are so many bubble baths out there to choose from. I use this one because it's gentle, hypo-allergenic, tear-free, and most importantly, has Elmo on it. Luca loves all things Elmo.
  • These bath crayons are awesome. He can write on the wall, which he loves to do anyway, but this is on the tub walls. Again, good for learning colors but also starting on letters.  Give a toddler an inch, they will eagerly take a yard. Lately, the bathtub walls don't seem to be good enough anymore. Luca seems to have graduated to reaching over to the toilet and drawing and moving the rug, so he can write on the floor. Thankfully, these are easily removed with a cloth and water.
  • You certainly can't have a fun bath without water toys. These toys belong in the tub but as I just mentioned, Luca finds ways to try to bring toys in that should not be submersed in water. We do have to deal with a few breakdowns over the fact that plush Talking Elmo does not need a bath nor does his battery operated truck need to be cleaned.
  • Since Luca has been learning the alphabet for a little while now, I decided to reinforce with these letters that get wet and stick to the wall. This is a new addition and hasn't yet achieved the kind of success the others have, but I have faith.
  • Lastly, you clearly can't take a bath without soap. I love Burt's Bees products and we have been using this particular product since he was an infant.  

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