Dress of Art and A Friend Date

I received compliments on this dress all day. It’s definitely one of those ‘Feelin’ Myself’ dresses. It just hugs all the right areas and makes me feel like a woman. I even got a free pedicab ride. I wore a cardigan while I was at work and took it off for evening drinks with my friend, so it’s the perfect day-to-night dress. 

 Solace London dress

Solace London dress

In general, I think sheath dresses are absolutely ‘my thing’.  I always feel polished and put together.  It’s a very classy cut, especially over the knee and can be worn almost anywhere. The top portion was new for me as I have broad shoulders and always try to minimize my muscular arms so I typically don't wear this kind of silhouette in tops, but today, I just embraced my body.  

As mentioned, I met up with my friend after work. We went to  The Polo Bar.  I have never been but the drinks were quite delicious and the entire place is designed in tartan and polo paraphernalia, which is quintessential Ralph Lauren. They do have a cocktail menu but Michael, the bartender, made me a couple of bespoken drinks. They were heaven in my mouth!


After Polo Bar, we went to Mr. Purple, a hotel rooftop bar with beautiful views of the city skyline. The dj managed to mix some classic hip hop songs with a house beat and we were definitely 'feeling the gig'.

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