Fall Lust List

NY Fashion week is almost over and while the weather has a taken a while to catch up, fall will officially be in the building in a few more days. I feel like I started this season's Lust List back in June and just kept adding to it. Here are a few things I have my eye on this fall:

1. Black Over the Knee Boots - I have been dying for a pair for a while now. I feel like it's hard to find one that is high and yet doesn't give off a "Lady of the Night" vibe. I've managed to track down a few options.

2. Bomber Jacket - All things fashion come back around. I had a really cute bomber jacket about 10 years ago. Frustrating that I don't own it anymore. I think I'd like an embroidered or silk bomber to go with some of my jeans.

3. Silk Robe Coat - I have been dying for this. I want to wear it as a jacket over a bodysuit and jeans. I thought my search was over on Friday at a street fair but it turned out it was a dress and it wasn't cheap enough to justify me having it tailored. I haven't had much luck in my search with this one. Everything I like is either gorgeous and insanely expensive or just 'meh' but affordable.

4. Something Velvet - I think I wrote off all things velvet a while ago but I think I might have to treat myself to a velvet blazer, velvet babydoll dress or even these shoes I am craving!

5. A Shiny, Metallic Dress - It's absolutely no secret, I love dramatic pieces and I have been really lusting after a flashy dress as of late.


I could probably make this a 20 item list but I won't do that to you. What are you craving this season?