Farewell Summer...

I love summer for being the perfect backdrop to all things easy, carefree and light-hearted. I love Fall for being the opposite. It's the season where you grind, hustle, and goal set. All those years of September being associated with going back to school, have caused most of us to recognize that Fall is indeed synonymous with a fresh start. It's like a New Year towards the end of the year.

 Tibi Dress

Tibi Dress

Before setting new goals, which I plan to blog about later, I have decided to make a real concerted effort to reset emotionally and mentally. Achieving and reaching new heights has proven impossible for me if I'm not in the right headspace.


The major change for me at this point in my life is getting rid of baggage in the form of people that do not serve any positive purpose in my life. Some people are just a bad habit you have to concentrate on breaking. They don't grow you. They don't motivate you. They don't positively influence you or inspire you.  In fact, they take you so far away from the 'you' that you know yourself to be and the 'you' that you aspire to be. They are draining energy vampires that leave you depleted after every single interaction with them. The cost of their friendship and presence in your life is too high. 


This Fall, I am open to all the beautiful things life has to offer and I have decided to open my mind, heart and soul to being a better me. 

Are you making a major change this Fall? Feel free to share.

 Tibi Dress

Tibi Dress

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Photography by: Abi Polinsky