Vacation Mode

Greetings from Copenhagen! I'm long overdue for a vacation. There is so much I want to write on, have been meaning to write and need to write about but I am so deep in vacation mode. Although we are away visiting family and enjoying some time off, this vacation is more of an introspective trip. Sometimes I get so entrenched in the minutia of day to day life where I don't really have a spare minute to think and process. So crazed and deeply rooted in auto-pilot that I don't have time to reflect on my master plan. For me, this vacation is just that. Thinking about the direction of my life and implementing a few changes I have wanted to make forever but have not consciously taken steps to ensure their success.

I'm contemplating a move and what that means professionally and more importantly how that influences how my son is raised. Particularly with all that is going on right now stateside. I have wanted to write about race relations since the backlash Colin Kaepernick received and when the incident with Terrence Crutcher happened, I was so truly crushed and wounded to my core that it has been hard to sit down and free write on current events without seeing red. Without my throat closing from pure mental and emotional exhaustion at all that has transpired. It's hard to write a personal narrative and reflection when all you feel is an overwhelming sense of helplessness, immense anger and grief.

For me this vacation was a hiatus so desperately needed on a cellular and energetic level. A breather to remind me of the many blessings I have and a focal shift to remind myself of all that I can be joyful about in times like these. It's a moment to reconnect with the beautiful amazing husband I've been blessed with. To relish in all this time I have with my baby boy. Time we we don't get at home since I am a working mother.

I'm actively posting pics on Instagram (@javibijoux) so catch me there for my travel photo diary.