A Sundress in the Park

The weekend spent with my family is so special and precious to me. My son and I hung out while my husband got in a few track drills at our local park. It's funny how when my son is with his father, he always calls out for me but yesterday he just wanted to be wherever his daddy was. *sniffle*

 Dress by Milly

Dress by Milly

We came home and he had a bath and now he is insisting on washing himself. I told him he has to wash everything thoroughly and he laughs at having to raise his arm and wash his armpit.  Why is this boy growing up so fast? It's funny because I feel like when people observe him sometimes, they are thinking I'm some sort of Type A mom that is constantly pushing my child. I'm not. While I do want him to achieve at the highest level, I want him to be a child, enjoy everything about his childhood, and not be in a rush to grow up. But honestly speaking, he is very independent by nature. He insists on doing so much on his own. He gets upset sometimes when I try to help him. It kills me. I really want to do everything for him but I just don't have that kind of child. He lets me do things a couple of times and then he wants to take over and has to do it on his own. 

It's blissful when he can run around in an open field and just be free. That carefree attitude is so beautiful to experience because most adults have no choice but to bury it with their childhood. 

I let him wear himself out to make my life easy in the evening. It's truly the only way and to be truthful, I'm slightly envious of all the energy he has.

People always say it goes by so quickly. This growing up thing. This getting older thing. How many times do I have to say, "I'm not ready"? and if I say it often enough, will it all slow down?