Weekend Flow - #tbt

My weekend started off lovely on Friday because I got to hang out with my two favorite people in the world all three days. My husband met me at the hair salon where I was getting a blowout in preparation for a Saturday wedding we were attending.

We grabbed a bite to eat at The Grey Dog, this super cute cafe in the West Village. They have a great kid's menu and an even greater happy hour!

I had to of course hit up McNulty's to stock up on tea. I am trying hard to cut down on my coffee intake and I love Moroccan Mint tea and Chocolate Mint (black). The Moroccan Mint teas is not only refreshing but it works wonders for your skin. 

 Dress @ J Crew

Dress @ J Crew

On Monday, we took Luca to the American Museum of Natural History because he has been super into dinosaurs lately. Turns out my husband is very, very, VERY into all things ancient civilization so this might have to be a future date with just the two of us.

Luca was interested in checking things out but he is very quick. He surveys a display, points out what he knows, and then runs over to the next display to repeat. Needless to say, reading every backstory doesn't necessarily happen. Overall, I would still rank this as a place to take a toddler but maybe do a little planning on which exhibits you want to go to specifically. 

This place is so expansive, you could easily spend an entire day here.  There is so much knowledge to soak up, I can just imagine the difference for any little one after 3 or 4 consistent visits.

After going thrift shopping in the area and checking out some home decor shops further downtown, we decided to experience the Cadillac House on Hudson street.

This is a great space for any freelancer. You can work on your laptop, read or simply zone out in an inspirational space that isn't your home. There is a coffee shop and a fashion pop-up space in the back where they rotate designers every three months.


Not really suggested for kids because there isn't much to do besides sit in the cars and pretend to drive. I wouldn't come back with my son but definitely on my own.

 Love this boy to pieces!!

Love this boy to pieces!!

Sorry I'm so late with this entry. I meant to post it on Tuesday at the very latest but the work week overtook me.  

Are you ready for fall?