Happy New Year!!

Every New Year, I think we all get into the “new year, new me” phase where we are determined to set goals, achieve said goals and live our best life yet.  Sometimes this does indeed happen and sometimes after the first few months of the year, we fall into old habits and continue to live the status quo that we had previously set up for our lives. What is the difference between someone who successfully implements change? Having a desire to do something is only the first step. I have found when it comes to achieving goals and making a real and concrete personal change, creating a detailed action plan and working at it daily helps me to get to the next phase of my desired life.

My ritual for as long as I can remember was to write what I wanted down and burn the list right before midnight.  This year, I did something different. I wrote down all the things I wanted to accomplish. They ran the gamut from just breathing more and enjoying the simple things, to specific milestones I wanted to add to my resume of accomplishments. Then, I went back over the list and broke each item down into about three actionable ways these could be accomplished. For me, this makes all my goals attainable and accessible and not just some wish list I happen to fantasize about when the mood strikes me.

No matter what works for you, starting a New Year is always refreshing. First of all, it's a blessing on its own to see a new year. Furthermore, you quite literally get to hit the reset button and try a new approach to your own life. Make 2017 the year you move out of your comfort zone and make yourself and your life a priority. If it didn't work for you in 2016, change it, get rid of it, and move on. We only have this one life. Make it magical. My new mantra that I am borrowing from a friend of mine is 'BELIEVE! RETRIEVE! ACHIEVE!"

How do you accomplish goals and adhere to resolutions for the New Year?  Have you found a tried and true method that ensures success? Please do share with me!