Manicure Love

I absolutely love my weekly manicures.  I am gravely self-conscious about unkempt hands and since I love to gesticulate when I talk, I try to stay on top of my hands with my manis. Plus, it's a quick and cheap way to take care of myself. My local place is fabulous but I have fallen head over heels with Japanese nail art. As we make our way into February, the month of Love, I encourage you to treat yourself, at least once, to this self-care treasure.

 Manicure Courtesy of M&M Studio

Manicure Courtesy of M&M Studio

I love the tremendous attention to detail they take. How perfectly they shape my nails and lastly, the beautiful designs.  Only your creativity will limit you when it comes to color, design and jewelry. The manicure  also lasted me an insanely long 3 weeks.  No chipped nails for 3 whole weeks?? Now that is the stuff dreams are made of.



If you live in the NYC area, please visit my ladies at M&M Studio (818 6th Avenue, Suite #2N) and mention my blog for $5 off. 



Please do share with me your favorite spot to get pampered.