#FBF (Flashback Friday) - The Perfect Black Dress

I absolutely loved wearing this dress. It was just enough drama, just enough chic, just enough chill for a variety of occasions.  You can easily dress it up or down and even wear it during transitional weather.

 Rachel Zoe Dress, Brian Atwood shoes

Rachel Zoe Dress, Brian Atwood shoes

I did it here with Brian Atwood gold shoes but if I were going for a more casual look, I would have worn boots and a fringed or denim jacket or maybe a belted cardigan.

If there is one thing about getting dressed that I tend to stick to, it's that I don't like to ever look "too done". I make it a point to intentionally look less than perfect. It's liberating, human and allows me to set my own standard. This is exactly what fashion should be....

Wearing what makes you feel good. Marching to your own beat. Dancing to the rhythm you set and looking and feeling amazing no matter what you wear.


Photography by: Bernard McWiliams