The Tunes I Love Right Now

The Tunes I Love Right Now

I love music as I'm sure I've mentioned on the blog before. Here is a short list of the songs I currently have in heavy rotation. As always, some are a little old, some are pretty new.  Either way, I hope you find at least one song to add to your current rotation.

1. Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama

I love the beat, the passion, the lyrics, the melody. This song definitely puts me in a really good mood.

Do what you want
I’m telling you
Let me into your heart

2. Yuna - Best Love

I'm a big Yuna fan. I just love her vibe and musical style. Her music is chill and low key but still manages to give you those classic feel good love song vibes.

You are the one I want
The one I’m thinking of

3. Kelani Distraction

I really like Kehlani's voice. I don't know what it is but it just does it for me. I also like the beat.  It's simply a sexy song. 

4.  Jeremih - London

This song makes me want to go straight to the club and shake everything I got.  Dance on bars and just basically act like I'm in a music video.  I don't know what it is..... The beat? The lyrics? The combination of artists? Whatever it is, I love this song. This part below is probably my favorite.

Wine ‘pon it, climb ‘pon it
Ride ‘pon it, spend your whole blood clot life ‘pon it
Dive ‘pon it, slide ‘pon it

5. Rihanna  - Love on the Brain

This has an amazingly soulful vibe and I must say, I'm quite impressed it's coming from Rihanna. I am a Rihanna fan so that is not said with any shade. Anyone who has ever been in love can certainly relate to these raw and real lyrics.  

No matter what I do
I’m no good with you.
You love when I fall apart
So you can put me back together....

Let me know what you are grooving to these days. I am always open to expanding my playlist!

- xo


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