How I Beat My Face in Less than 10 Minutes & My Latest "Green" Discovery


So if you follow me on Instagram, I recently posted a high-speed video of me doing my make-up. Due to the IG time limits on videos, it's hard to give a step-by-step of what I did. Some of you requested that I slow it down and break down each step for the folks who only use one powder in their routine. You asked? I answered!

It takes me roughly 10 minutes to do my makeup on a daily basis. As a toddler mommy, I simply do not have time to do contouring and any other extravagant time-consuming makeup application on a daily basis. Part of what contributes to my short application time is technique, but a large part of the process is the quality and kind of products I used. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to discover the Law of Nature organic crème and powder foundation. After all, it is self-defeating to spend so much time on a natural skincare routine, only to undo it with makeup that is filled with toxins. 

The crème foundation felt absolutely divine. It's silky smooth and was a perfect match for my complexion. It blended in so well with my skin tone, seamlessly hid my imperfections and most importantly, it's completely toxin-free. The powder foundation is perfect for one of those low key days when I don't want to wear a face full of makeup, but still want to look like I've got my life together:)

I found the Law of Nature products at Blk & Grn , a delightful online platform that curates high-quality, Black-owned products that contribute to the kind of holistic lifestyle that I am actively pursuing. All the products on this site are ethically-sourced and toxic-free which is perfect for a health-conscious mommy like me, that desires to be as green as possible. Definitely, explore their platform and make a commitment to not only treat your skin and body to natural and cruelty-free products but support phenomenal small businesses.

Do you have other amazing "green" discoveries? Please do share!


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