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It's Sunday already and the weekend just flies by too quickly for my personal taste. A few days ago, I was having one of those days where everything and anything that could go wrong, went wrong, better known as, Murphy's Law. I was so frustrated and anxious about the consequences. I began to stress about the impact that all of this would have on me. Finally, I realized that there was really nothing I could do about the situation and as frustrating as it was, at that point, it was officially out of my hands. Me stressing and losing sleep over it would only impact me, and not influence the situation at all. I surrendered.

 Alexis Dress

Alexis Dress

I am naturally an anxious person. I'm sure those closest to me would even describe me as a control-freak. It is very challenging for me to be at ease when there are too many details out of my hands. While my rational and conscious self is aware that sometimes unforeseen things happen and can not be impacted by my actions, my non-sensical self, is never satisfied with this fact. However, lately, I have found a tried and true method of conquering my anxiety about the unknown. I ask myself, what's the worse thing that can happen? This immediately puts things into perspective and I have found that rarely is my personal crisis a matter of life and death. It also helps me to try to manage the situation, step by step, and figure out the things that are within my control that I can implement in the interim. As trite as it may sound, there is always a way to make something work.

 Time to unwind at  Cafe Medi

Time to unwind at Cafe Medi

I love this dress because as you know, I'm a major fan of the simplicity of a beautiful dress. It's feminine, classy and easy. I also enjoy my own company from time to time and I believe it is a crucial self-care activity to try to squeeze in one date with yourself at least once a week, if possible. I do whatever I want during this alone time but I try to avoid texting and social media and just read, write or reflect on where I'm at, currently. It doesn't have to  be anything fancy or expensive. It just needs to be a moment during the week where I unplug, reset, focus on and prioritize myself for however long I am committed to, that day.

What self-care ritual would you advise others to employ? When things don't seem like they are going your way, what is the number one tool you use to "stabilize"? 


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