Palm Trees and 80 plus Degrees

The weather this past Sunday was simply amazing and Spring has me so excited to wear jumpers again.  One thing you should know about me is that I love a great jumper and a super feminine dress. These are definitely my sartorial kryptonite.

Speaking of things that I love, I truly enjoy a day well spent. The best day for me is a simple day where laughter and being mentally at ease or a high priority. In fact, it's a necessity. Especially when I'm running on empty. An effective day off is the perfect way to recharge emotionally.

 Mara Hoffman Jumper

Mara Hoffman Jumper

This year, I am so very committed to self-care and truly treasuring and pampering myself in every way. Often times, we run ourselves raggedy trying to check things off of a perpetual list in our heads. However, hitting the reset button is just as important as checking boxes if not, infinitely more so. Without periodic and strategic breaks, you run the risk of burning yourself out. 

Don't let it happen. Take good care of yourself every chance you get! One day off, ain't gonna hurt nobody.




Photography by Abi Polinsky