Waxing Poetic In My Baby Blue Jumpsuit

Another fun jumpsuit for the win. I know I've said it a million times, jumpsuits and rompers are my wardrobe staple for looking chic and getting ready in an instant. 

No matter what size or shape you are, there is bound to be a jumpsuit that will flatter your beautiful figure. 

This warm weather always uplifts my spirits especially when I have a crazy morning with my son. I'm not sure what it is about toddlers getting ready in the morning, but they don't know the definition of 'hurry'. As a person who is always on the move and rushing more often than not, I literally do not have time to stop and check out every single ant crawling down the street or figure out what direction each bird is flying in.


Enter the innocence of a child. Always offering that reminder that sometimes, above all else, all we need in the moment is to breathe.

While my to-do lists always seems to be growing and actionable items are being added at the same rate that they are being crossed off, sometimes I just have to take a few moments to breath and ruminate on life.

What is your warm weather fashion staple? Please share with me! 

Get the look:

Final Signature.jpg

Photography by Abi Polinsky