All White Everything

I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of white dress pants. I looked high and low and could not find a pair that worked for me at an affordable price point.  Enter a shopping trip to Uniqlo. I went specifically for some white jeans! I’m positive I’ve given you the scoop about shopping for jeans at Uniqlo. Just in case, they will do a complimentary hem for you and they are basically all under $30!

I digress. I went to Uniqlo for white jeans and they were having a sale on these pants. I passed the display like, “whaaaaaaaaat? Gimme those!” I promise you, I used my inner voice for this dialogue. I tried them on and did not look back.  I did get them tailored because I was in between sizes and tailoring is definitely the key to making your clothes work for you.

 & Other Stories

& Other Stories

I just love how chic and simple they are and how much they “elevate” this lace top. If I wanted an edgier look, I would have probably paired this top with jeans or leather pants but I think I was in “mommy mode” for this particular look and wanted the “I have my stuff together" look.

This beautiful lace top is from & Other Stories. There clothes have a very clean and classic aesthetic. If you bring  them any of your used clothing, they will give you 10% off of your next purchase. What an economical way of editing your wardrobe:)

Get the look here:


Photography by Abi Polinsky