PlayList: Love & Good Vibes

PlayList: Love & Good Vibes

Heyyyy. The sunshine is back which is a mood lifter in and of itself. This past weekend I showed no mercy when I tried to clean every single inch of my home. I'm not sure I accomplished what I wanted to, but it definitely was a significant difference from before. I zoned out to the best music and I wanted to share another great playlist with you. It's really r&b intensive and full of love songs with buoyant lyrics because if it ain't about love, it ain't about anything!

1. Don't Go - Kevin Ross | This song is so sweet, so smooth, so old-school and love infused. Just perfect for me. It's definitely one of those feel good songs.

You’re the rock of my roll, you’re my blues, my self collection. Put the record on hold, damn you’re perfection.

2. Luh Ya - Marsha Ambrosius | Doesn't she have such a beautiful voice? For me, it's perfection. From her Floetry roots, to her present career as a solo artist, Ambrosius consistently delivers solid music that is reminiscent of the early stage of a relationship when everything is all good. You are giddy and just really attracted to the other party and find yourself never, ever getting your fill.

No matter what they say, I’m always here for you and no matter what happens I’ll be right here for you

3. Blind Man - Xavier Omar | This song really could have been number 1 for me.  I just love the beat and the flow. The lyrical 'smoothness', it's like vocal honey. It's super seductive and funnily enough, you want to dance and chill all at the same time!

You’re so beautiful, girl, a blind man could love you. Beauty in your soul, a blind could love you.

4. Breakfast in Bed - Ella Mai 

So let me take you to my room, I’ll give you what you need
I just want to take you home with me
I just want to take this to another level
Get you high off my intensity

5. redemption - Serpentwithfeet | I discovered this artist because I'm going to AfroPunk this year and he is performing. I have my artists that I am going to see, know and love and I wanted to familiarize myself with who else was performing that day.  Serpentwithfeet would probably be considered an 'alternative' artist. His name is Josiah Wise and he was on his way to being an opera singer but decided he wasn't about that life. He has a classical and jazz background and his vocals with musical arrangement? Musical magic...

Your name is impossible to know
You’re my four ethers
I thought there was redemption in the four ethers

Bonus: Shining - Dj Khaled w/ Beyonce & Jay Z | what I love most about this song is that it's literally about positivity and winning this game called life. It's a great song to play first thing in the morning and get your mind right for this crazy world we live in.

All this winning, I been losing my mind. Don’t try to slow me down!

What songs have you been feeling lately? Let a chick now!


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