Flowers in the Spring - Groundbreaking!

Although I love all outfits ethereal and feminine, there is something about a floral maxi dress that drives me insane. Something about it screams "old and dowdy" to me. However, this little number...feels everything but that. From the cold shoulder top, to the thigh slit, this Yumi Kim dress has opened me back up to long floral dresses. I've featured this designer on the blog before and she is probably the queen of soft and floral prints.

 Yumi Kim Dress, Aldo Shoes

Yumi Kim Dress, Aldo Shoes

You probably know this about me already but I love clothes that make me feel beautiful and powerful. Outfits that give me "I'm the bomb" pep to my step. Sometimes, I walk down the street and my mind is racing with things I have to do, I can do, I want to do. A truly fly outfit will have you thinking you can conquer the world and slay all sorts of dragons.

Then, you get home. The outfit comes off. The heels come off and sometimes, that feeling of fearlessness, comes off with it. Sometimes I don't even want to take a fabulous outfit off because it feels like I'll lose the invincible armor that I relished for the entire day. 

My goal always remains to feel equally empowered whether I am dressed to the nines or stripped down to my bare self. It's the pervasive strength predicated on the sincere and core belief that I am good enough no matter what I wear.

Not sure if this happens to any of you, but I'm sure someone can identify with this moment. Does anyone ever feel like this? Please share with me.

Get the look:


Photography by: Abi Polinsky