Top + Jeans + Heels = Ready Quickly

Happy Monday, Beautiful People! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I certainly had an interesting one, but let me tell you about my outfit.

For as long as I can remember, this outfit combo has been my good 'ole faithful'. A fail proof formula consisting of jeans and a top, with heels, that I can throw on in a hurry and accessorize accordingly, depending on exactly where I am headed. I love this cold-shoulder peasant top that I got from Zara, that is currently sold out (sorry). I think the embroidery detail on the shirt, paired with the white jeans and heels combination, brings the entire outfit to the higher end of casual.

To make up for featuring a sold out top on the blog, I want to give you a little tip about Zara that you may or may not know. If you click under the 'Women' tab and scroll to the bottom, there is a section called 'Special Prices' and they truly are special. This section is deeply discounted and you might have missed it if no one ever mentioned it to you. I know I did initially. They are consistently updating this section and adding new items so, definitely check on a regular basis so you can snag something amazing that is virtually free. Not quite, but you get my point. 

I want to go into more depth about my weekend but I think that will require a separate entry and I'm still mentally and emotionally processing a few things, but I do want to leave you with this thought. Sometimes, things happen that are beyond our comprehension. People disappoint. A situation turns out to be not what we expected. The list continues. The most important lesson I learned this weekend is to claim what I need, want, and expect, and insist that my demands are delivered without compromise. What's a standard outfit combo that you always fall back on? Did you learn something recently that you would love to pass on?

 Zara top (sold out), Uniqlo jeans

Zara top (sold out), Uniqlo jeans


Get the look:

Photography by Abi Polinksy