Playlist: Music that Blazes

Playlist: Music that Blazes

Happy June, my Beautiful people!  Please enjoy this gorgeous day and make the absolute most of it.  Here is another love playlist and I hope you find at least one song to add to you current rotation. 

1. Niia feat. Jazmine Sullivan - Sideline | The lyrics. The runs. The harmonizing! The beat. The video. Their voices. This song is beyond sick. It needs to be part of a movie soundtrack. It's so real. No matter where you are in your love life, I think every single one of us can relate to some part of this song either presently or in the past. I've had this song on repeat for the past couple of days. Fore me, it's a duet made in R&B heaven. Sidebar: I absolutely love Jazmine Sullivan so I'm happy to see her back and doing her thing. Also, Niia's entire album is pure fire, so please check it out.

It’s like I have you but I don’t really have you
But I’m giving you all of me when I only get half of you.
It’s like I’m way to understanding and I give too many chances. I make too many excuses while you make off like a bandit.

2. Kehlani - Keep on | This beat just makes me dance. I have been en route to work and when this song comes on, I just start throwing my shoulders back and get ready to get it in, but then I always have to remind myself this might not be the thing to do in public. The song is about someone who loves you unconditionally despite you not treating them as well as you could. I also love Kehlani's raspy voice and her music in general.

Every time I come crawling on my knees
You’re there
And you just keep taking me back
And I don’t know why you do
Because I’m no good to you

3.French Montana feat. Swae Lee - Unforgettable | Another voice I'm loving, Swae Lee. I love my African music so had to highlight it on this playlist as you will see later on. Usually the beats are hot and the dancing is even hotter in this video, that's why I added it below. I'm really loving the fact that he shot his video in this way.

And you are unforgettable
I need to get you alone
Now you wanna choose
Just pop the bubbly in the ‘cuzi
It’s not good enough for me
Since I’ve been with you.

4. Mac Miller feat. Anderson Paak - Dang! | I was  actually grooving to this last summer but every time I listen to it, I just love the vibe and the beat. Always the beat for me.

I can’t keep on losing you
Over complications
Gone too soon
Wait, we was just hangin’

5. Wande Coal, DJ Tunez - Isakaba | This beat is definitely going to make you move. It's one of my "cleaning the house" jams. The artist is Nigerian and instead of giving you a lyrical snippet, I'll give you a definition of Iskaba from the artist himself. The song came out towards the end of last year but there is no real time cap on music that speaks to me.

To me, it’s like ‘energy’. Anytime I say that, I feel I have to do something. Any time I am on Iskaba, I feel like have to kill the jam.

If you have a hot song that you currently have on heavy rotation, please share with me. Music is life!


Photography by: Abi Polinsky

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