Issa Cold Shoulder Vibe

Y'all know I love a cold shoulder anything and this dress is everything to me. I especially dig the embroidery detail and the overall silhouette. I also can't stop wearing white heels lately.  I don't know what it is, but they go with everything and I must confess, sometimes I'm too comfortable to switch it up.

 Dress: Saylor NYC

Dress: Saylor NYC

Right now I'm going through a bit of a transition phase and some of you may be too.  Could be your job, relationship status, geographical location, etc. 

cold shoulder dress

Change can be exciting but it can be equally as daunting and sometimes it's a knee jerk reaction for even the bravest of us to avert it all together and stick with what we know.  Continuoulsy remaining too scared to step out of our comfort zone.


Nowadays, I have to remind myself why I wanted change in the first place. I keep trying to remember that despite the discomfort I currently feel, the change I seek, was prompted by a intense desire for something better and greater.

cold shoulder dress

Behavior can be habit forming. A yearning for something different, may be the catalyst needed to stick to the change that will eventually dissolve your status quo. 

What do you do to push yourself through a period of temporary discomfort? Please share.


Get the look:

Photography by Kait Ebinger