Blue Belle

Blue Belle

I love this skater dress. It's not restrictive and can easily go from daytime with toddler, to evening out. I'm very much a "pink type" of chick, but blue will always be my favorite color. Maybe it's the Pisces in me, or the tomboy inside that is always ready to come out.

Dress: Stylestalker

Dress: Stylestalker

For as much as I love everything feminine, chic and flirty, I enjoy being laid-back and lowkey. If I wasn't a true city girl at heart, I probably would easily get comfortable quickly in leggings and flip flops. Purely on the feel, definitely not on the aesthetic.

Spring Dress

When I wore this dress, I was reminded that it's so important to maintain some of the core of who you are, even after becoming a mother. A friend of mine recently posted an article on her Facebook that was lamenting how brief maternity leave is and ideally most women, need more time to get back to themselves. 

blue and white Skater skirt

To be honest, I think there is a large portion of the "mom population" that never gets back to self. From a physical standpoint, I specifically remember feeling like a stranger in my own body. For a good six months post-baby. I definitely entered into a legging phase. I didn't feel like my body was my own or myself at all. In the very, very beginning, my husband specifically commented about me wearing my robe every day. This isn't to throw him under the bus, because he was absolutely amazing during that time, but he pointed out that what I felt on the inside,was most definitely shining through on the outside. 

Stylestalker dress

These are things women aren't allowed to talk about though. For some reason, just like people make judgments about a woman's intelligence when she is stylish, people make similar assumptions about what kind of mother you are, if you value being fashionable, and dare I say it, sexy. It's like you have to pick one or the other, because sadly, both men and women have a definitive mold for what a mother should look like.

Sometimes, I even find myself suffering from that same unfortunate mentality. Showing up to birthday parties and playdates kicking myself for not just wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans to blend in with "other mothers".

I think this dress reminded me of the "old me". The me that wasn't asking myself "what should a mother wear," and just wore what I liked. 

No matter what your parental status is, do you ever feel like because you are older, you have to present a certain image to the world. Drop me a line!


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Photography by Kait Ebinger

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