DIY - Pearl Embellished Jeans

I'm a huge fan of thrift shopping. Sometimes you can find the most amazing item for virtually nothing. I also love a good DIY project. Usually I focus my DIYs on decor, but every now and then, I'll do a clothing DIY. 

pearl embellished jeans

Enter these pearl embellished jeans. I have an extensive denim collection and I wanted to recycle a pair of my old jeans for a wardrobe refresh. However, I wasn't really a fan of spending an arm and a leg on new jeans that I may or may not want to wear for a very long time. I decided to repurpose an old pair of Levis and you can do the same with these simple instructions below.


Here's what you need: 

- an old pair of jeans

- a needle

- white chalk

- drilled pearls (variety of sizes) I got mine from here

- white thread  



1. Lay out the jeans and place the position the pearls where you like. 

2. Once you decide on a design, mark each pearl's spot with a chalk mark. 

3. Sew the pearls down on the spots you marked. 

4. Finito! 

How do you give your wardrobe a refresh?


Photography by Kait Ebinger