Sunny Day Playlist

Sunny Day Playlist

Yaaaaaasssss summer is officially here and I'm ready to make the absolute most of these next few months. I used to vibe out to music in the morning. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. I would have my own little dance party before work and run late constantly, as a result. I especially loved to listen to ratchet music which I definitely do not do anymore due to my role as mother. Seeing as how my son just loves to repeat everything he hears, the last thing I need to hear about in the next parent teacher conference, is how Luca rattled off some unsavory lyrics. It already tickled her that he was singing Controlla a few months ago. Sigh..

Sometimes you have to bring an oldie but always a goodie and that's what I wanna start my first song on the list off with.

1. Play - Goapele | I love this chick. Her last album was really good and I dig her style. She is stunning and has an equally beautiful voice. This is one of her older songs but something about it reminds me of summer vibes. It's sexy, sultry and mysterious. If you have a summer bunny, you should add this one to your "it's going down" rotation.

I wanna know what you wanna do
What if I can say there wasn’t any rules?
I wanna play, play around
Tell me if you think that you can get down!

2. Them Changes - Thundercats | I'm not sure why I waited to share this song. I think I'm so used to listening to some songs, that I take it for granted that others are already listening to similarly dope music. I love this artist and he is performing at Afropunk this year, on the day I'm going. SQUEAL!!!! I'm geeked out to the nth power to see him. His song with Kendrick Lamar, Walk on By, is cool, as really is the entire album, but I really love this song. It's one of those that moves through your body and the lyrics? Welp, we've all been familiar with how things go down sometimes in matters of the heart.

Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor
And I can’t find my heart
Where did it go? Did I leave it in the cold?
So please give it back, ‘cause it’s not yours to take

3. Gassed - WESLEE | One of those mystery artist with virtually no internet presence but I love a good slow build up.

I took a step in the water
To see if I float
Drop me in the deep end
To see if I float
I took a step in the water
Just to know
Just to know
Will I float back home

4. Another Love Song - Neyo | Neyo has a standard formula he adheres to. Saccharine saturated lyrics + a beat you can't sit down to = Standard Neyo song. This song doesn't stray far from the formula that has worked for him so many times in the past. This isn't the official music video but you can hear the song and some of this dancing is awesome.  Makes me wanna go out and dance the night away. This song kind of reminds me of being in one of those old school roller rinks. Which if anyone knows of a good one in the NYC area, please share with me!

Now, ain’t got no game, babe
Ain’t got no game
But, ain’t got no shame, babe
Ain’t got no shame
And I don’t know what it is
When I hear your name
Suddenly I just gonna say

5. Free - 6lack | Another one I feel like I should have included on a previous list. I like a few of his earlier songs specifically PRBLMS and First F--. The latter which is definitely worth an add to that playlist you might be compiling mentioned in #1. This song has a chill vibe. Nice for sipping drinks on a rooftop or garden somewhere.

I’ve been waiting for the day
You knew it was coming either way
I know that you hate it but I’m freer than I’ve ever been
Something that you’ve never been

These are just a few songs in my current rotation which is always changing. I'm also always looking to be turned on to new music, so if you have a song that you feel is hot but currently under the radar, please do share with me. 

Do you have a summer anthem yet? Let me know here or on my Facebook! Also, Part 2 of last week's interview will be up tomorrow, so don't forget to come back and check it out!


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