Swing Thang - Positive Thang

There is something about wearing an outfit that moves, when you move, that I love. It's quite liberating and this swing dress, falls into that category.

 Dress by Carven

Dress by Carven

As I mentioned in my last post, it has been a hectic month. I recently suffered from a bout of food poisoning, that also affected my husband and it was not fun. Thankfully, my son was unaffected, because he didn't eat the meal that we believed caused this. If anyone has ever experienced this, you know exactly the feeling I'm referring to. Like death is at your door step. Fortunately, I got over that quickly but I was so incredibly frightened to to eat after that. 

Summer dress

The other day my phone was blowing up. Mostly numbers I didn't recognize, so I clicked them away to leave a message, even though I have to confess, I'm pretty bad about listening to voicemail. Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood to be on the phone, because it's just another distraction that takes me away from whatever I set out to do for the day and I'm still learning that my own needs to be prioritized.

 DVF Bangles

DVF Bangles

I think my #1 goal this summer, is to make the most of my downtime and spend quality time with the people and things that matter to me most. I'm all about connecting with someone I love. I just refuse to give a platform to anyone or anything that doesn't add value to my life anymore, because I've become fed up with a incessant flow of fuckery. Seriously, some people are incredibly draining and depleting. They literally suck the air out of the room and they will do the same thing to your life, if you give them a platform and an opportunity to do so. It's also sometimes easy to allow unnecessary drama to distract you from yourself and this has happened far too often than I care to admit.


If you follow me on IG, I recently posted a beautiful clip from poet and artist extraordinaire, Saul Williams. It's from an interview he did with The Breakfast Club on Hot 97 and I've posted this clip before on my FB as well, a few months back. However, the words he speaks are so relevant and timely to me.

Your diet isn’t only what you eat. It’s what you watch. It’s what you read. It’s what you listen to. So I’m mindful of what I ingest.

Word. I, too, want to be mindful of what I ingest. What I entertain. Who I give audience to. It's a transition at first, but my aim is to make it instinctual to the point when the wrong situation or person enters my cipher, the right choice is obvious. Don't indulge. To the left, to the left. Move! GET OUT THE WAY! 

Alright, I think you get it:) 

Have you ever felt like you were an uncredited cast member of a soap opera? What do you do to reset?


Get the look:

Photography by Kait Ebinger