Revenge Seeking & My Little Red Dress

When did I move to Seattle or London? This rain is on a loop. This might have been the first morning I woke up and it's not raining, but still rather gloomy.  

Bright colored clothing against a dismal backdrop is a pick me up. I've also had this denim jacket for what feels like eons. It's such a wardrobe staple for me and I've worn it with literally everything, including a formal gown.

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Have you ever had a conflict where you wanted to enact revenge against the offending party? It could have been something small like road rage.  Maybe someone cut you off, you decided to chase them down the  highway, only so you could flip them the bird. Guilty. Or maybe it was something a little more substantial. Someone disrespected you in some way and you felt the need to "fix them".Guilty. 

 Dress from &Other Stories

Dress from &Other Stories

Recently, I was talking to a friend and I realized that this feeling of "getting back" at someone for a perceived wrong is prevalent amongst even some of the most peaceful of people.  I was in a situation where someone decided to "put the screws to me". Fortunately, their plan failed but it did succeed in upsetting me, even if only temporarily, and prompted me to want to plot out some sort of revenge. I spoke to a friend of mine who rightfully advised me to sleep on it. Thank God for women's group therapy. I love tapping into a network of friends for sage guidance. 

After I slept on the matter, the initial anger I felt, naturally dissipated, and I was able to view the situation with clearer eyes. Long story short, I decided to drop it. I understood that this person did to me what they felt they needed to do to feel better about themselves. I can not fault them for that. I could easily enact revenge in an effort to feel better about myself too, but really, does being mean to someone ever truly make you feel better? Well...flipping the bird to someone who cut me off while driving actually makes me feel youthful, but I digress:)

In fact, when I stopped to think about the situation, it occurred to me that the offending party was already living in their own version of hell and that fact was more vengeful than anything I could ever do or say to them, so I let the entire thing go. I completely released the negative energy and any further thoughts about them except to write this piece and in that very moment, I had all the power in the situation because I didn't allow someone else's behavior to rule my emotional state of being. 

I think the ever beautiful, ever intelligent, ever graceful, Michelle Obama said it best.

When they go low, we go high!

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Photography by Abi Polinsky