Purple Swirl

Do you ever have one of those days when you just aren't 'feeling the gig'? This was me over the weekend. I had to text one of my homies for help to snap the hell out of it. I'm certain she was tired of me texting about the same ole tired topic, but in her loving and friendly way, she simply imparted this, 

“Decide on the life you want and go about getting it.” 
Black heels

This is why I love my peeps. Iyanla who? What? Seriously, all jokes aside. I find myself sometimes agonizing over mistakes I've made in the past, and even though I've since implemented change, my inner voice won't let me move past said mistake. Won't let me grow from the mistake and accept the fact that I'm human. Mere mortal..who would have thunk it? Blame it on the fact that I'm a product of two perfectionists, but it's always been hard for me to just accept fault within myself and move on. 

 Dress: Diane von Furstenberg

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg

Accepting fault within myself and moving forward to change, is what makes my world go round.  How do you live without striving for something more and better? It's also important to me to always be self-aware of my personal struggles so I can attempt to amend them instead of falling into a vicious cycle of self-defeating habits. This is an ongoing challenge.

Maxi dress

In styling news, I adore this dress! I nabbed it at a DVF sample sale recently and it's everything my heart craves in a maxi dress. Flowy, light, colorful, off the shoulder and sexy. I'm a pink girl for sure, but blue will always be my favorite color, so all these shades of blue and purple give me ethereal feels. 

DVF maxi dress

What do you do to help you move on past your mistakes? Please share with me either here or on my Facebook because it truly makes my day to hear from you!


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Get the look:

Photography by Kait Ebinger