Little Black Dress & The NYC Hustle

I snagged this at a sample sale. They are on a summer holiday right now but definitely hit up Clothingline for some amazing deeply discounted designer fashion. Another favorite of mine is 260 Sample Sale where I got this dress from. Milly is a favorite of mine since it is consistent with my personal feminine aesthetic. A little black dress in your wardrobe is an absolute must and basic staple. I also love pearls and always have since I was a teen. Blame it on being an old soul.

 Milly Dress

Milly Dress

I'm sure by now you know I'm a native New Yorker. Born and raised.  Since there are so many transplants to "da city" these days, it's hard to find an indigenous New Yorker. It's funny because a lot of times, I'll meet another native New Yorker and they won't ever think I'm from New York because I don't really have an accent, I guess. But then something happens and I'll use old school slang and it's like "ohhh you really are New Yorker".

Milly Black dress

I remember going through a stage where I was so incredibly over New York. I just wanted to get out. This is probably why I traveled as much as I could and probably one of the things that drew me to my non-American husband. Funnily enough, he was over his hometown (Helsingor, Denmark) and eager for a New York experience so I guess we all want something different than what we already have on some level.

Little black dress

Sometimes, New York is one of those places you have to get away from to appreciate because whenever I'm away, I find myself craving my hometown. What I love most are the people and the attitude. You can spot a New Yorker from miles away. They just have a different flow. A different sauce. A spice and essence unlike anything you can really describe and mostly, they aren't afraid to speak their mind. They don't have hair on their tongues and we will bond in "classic NYC" situations like a stalled subway or an unnecessary slow-moving line.

 Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

Milly black dress

NYC is also one of those cities where everyone is on their "grind". People come here to make dreams come true and accomplish goals. I don't think I really know many people here who are just "living" and "existing". It's also one of those places where the pressure to be successful or at the very least, "look" successful is very imminent. You will definitely feel it if you are not accomplishing things or not mounting the ladder of success quickly enough.

Milly black polka dot dress

However, at the same time,  this energy is exactly what also gives people the idea that accomplishing their dreams is possible. That the hustle and grind are not for naught and that eventually, it will lead to something tangible and long-lasting.

Suffice it to say, a respite of some sort is necessary to maintain a healthy balance in life. Just work, work and work is unhealthy and not a badge of honor as some people seem to believe. Also, are you doing actual productive work with short term and long term goals written out? Or are you just grinding with no end goal in sight to be able to constantly boast about how much you are working? In personal experience, dreams that don't have a written plan of action to guide them, are just fantasy. Definitely, be inspired to get your hustle on. Most people are striving for something but the "something" is the goal not the struggle and hustle that goes into it.

Do you feel like you are always on the grind with very little reward? Do you have an accountability system or way of checking your progress? Please share with me here, IG or FB? I'm always eager to learn.



Get the look:

Photography by Kait Ebinger