The 5 Best Apps I Love for My Little One: Toddler Tested / Mom Approved

Naturally, my 2 year old already knows how to use an iPhone and an iPad. He knows when he is watching one of his shows or playing one of his games, how to swipe away texts and decline calls. The nerve of this kid, lol. Here are the best educational apps that I love for my toddler and hopefully, you will too.

1. Endless Alphabet - Our favorite. I love the way they sound the letters out as he drags them to their rightful place and I love the way the word is defined once he has assembled the word. This is definitely a great vocabulary builder. A few months ago, my son informed me that there was a "HUGE BUG outside, mommy" One of his newly acquired words that he successfully used in a sentence.


2. Endless 123 – The sister app to Endless Alphabet helps with number recognition and introduces simple arithmetic. 

Endless 123 screenshot
Endless 123 screenshot

3. iWrite Words  - Penmanship practice!! My son is still a little early for this but he likes practicing with "Mr. Crab" as he calls him and he is slowly getting it together. I think it's great practice and when learning is fun, children often look forward to it, making it more effective. 

iWrite Words screenshot
iWrite Words screenshot

4. Intro to Math - Penmanship practice with numbers. This app is under the Montessorium umbrella and as your child gets older there are other apps to introduce cursive and geography. 

Intro to Math screenshot

5 - Endless Wordplay - From the same people as Endless 123 and Endless Alphabet, this is a great intro to spelling and more letter and phonetic recognition. There is also an introduction to short sentence construction and definition reinforcement. In summation, another enrichment app that makes learning a joyful experience for your little one.


Do you use educational apps that you or your child absolutely love? Please share with me either here, FB or my IG. I'm always looking for ways to expand my baby's knowledge.