My 7 Secrets to Being a Morning Person

My 7 Secrets to Being a Morning Person

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Let me start by saying, I am NOT A MORNING person, at least not naturally. I love to sleep and I'm good at it. I am also quite cranky in the morning and generally speaking, don't want to be bothered until I get my coffee. BTW, coffee is a happy place for me, I digress. As a mother, I'm not really sure NOT being a morning person is an option. Children just don't know what it means to sleep in, nor do they care. I now get up extra early in the morning because I am way more productive in the morning once I push through my annoyance at having to be up early.

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Once I put my son to sleep, many of my evenings start off with me saying "I'm just going to take a break" and before I know what hit me, my husband and I are passed out on the couch drooling. Achieving maximum productivity in the evenings? Not very successful.

Here are my secrets for being a morning person and maximizing my daily productivity as a result:

1. Good sleep - It's so much easier to be a morning person when you are well-rested. In this society of constant grind, it's easy to push yourself and stay up late to do whatever it is you need to do. However, a. you can't burn the candle on both ends b. at a certain point, you are too exhausted to be truly productive and c. burnout is real and very hard to recover from. Hit high priorities first and save the rest for another day. 

2. Rise & Shine - Make a concerted effort to get up earlier than you ordinarily would. Set your alarm for an hour and half earlier, then you can snooze for 30 minutes. This is generous, but be kind to yourself when first starting out. After you are in a habit of getting up early, knock the snooze time down to 15 minutes. Definitely do not repeatedly hit snooze until you are getting up at your usual time or worse, getting up late. Getting out of your bed in the morning is half the battle to becoming a morning person.

3. Move it! - If you are awake enough to get out of the bed, hurry up and do so. Quickly motivate to make that cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you need to get you going in the morning. You can check your IG feed and email en route to the kitchen. The sooner you get up, the more likely you are to get on a roll.

4. Fewer steps is best - Do as much prep work the night before. For me, this can include prepping the kettle for my lemon water concotions, so I just need to turn on the burner. Or, prepping my coffemaker, so all I need to do is push a button when I come downstairs. 


5. Relish Me time - Mornings are beautiful for the solitude they bring me. My husband does not get up earlier than he has to unless it's for work. My son is not up at 5am, Thank God! So the mornings are all mine if I choose to take advantage of them. Sometimes I'm super productive and writing my little heart away. Other times, I'm a little more relaxed and use the entire time for meditation and listening to affirmations. Sometimes, it can be a combinaiton of the two, read, or even to briefly text a mommy friend who is a super early bird as well. Whatever I decide to do with the time, once I started looking forward to my solitude in the morning, getting up early, became less of a stuggle.

6. Target practice - Map out what you want to accomplish in the morning so you can get right to it. As mentioned, many times on the blog, I'm a list person. Hence, I make lists for EVERYTHING. It just helps me function better to be extremaly organized. Visually laying out my morning's prioriites, helps me to stay on task and be realistic about what I can do in the given amount of time.

7. Believe in your own power - After all, there is a reason why you are attempting to maximize your productivity by getting up early every day. I am re-energized and recharged by the notion that my goal is more attainable when I'm taking active steps to make it happen. Set your intentions and own having a beautiful day after made the decision to have a productive early start!

Meditation Mommy and Me

What say you beautiful folks? Are you a morning person? Since only about 1 out of 10 us naturally are, please leave your tips on how you became one!

Love x Light





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