A Military Jacket: The Perfect Intersection Between Style and Comfort

Military jacket

I love this military style jacket that I found at the Zara sale! It’s the perfect amount of swag, chic and chill. The more I become comfortable with all facets of myself, the more relaxed my style has become. I definitely don't want to live in athleisure but I want to be comfortable enough to keep up with my toddler. In my efforst to avoid feeling frumpy, this outfit fits the bill.

military jacket

I want to go more in depth on this concept for tomorrow's musing but for now I'll say, it's a bit of a juggling act, to remain chic and stylish as a mother to a young child. Mostly because, sometimes I'm just so low on energy at times and I'm sure many mothers can relate to. Sometimes, the goal is just simply getting out the door within a reasonable timeframe, first and foremost. Thinking about how to slay for the day, can quite simply not be at the forefront of my mind.

military jacket

However, I made up my mind a long time ago when my baby was young, that I wouldn't lose the part of me that has always loved fashion and dressing up. Therefore, the goal is adjusting my style to where I am presently in life, always. Sometimes, I can do the 5 inch, I mean 4 inch, heels with my husband for a night out. But when running with my son, not always a smart idea. (I tried this a couple of years ago and was very sorry for it.) This jacket and this hat (another one borrowed from my father), still make me feel pulled together, but it's chill enough to hang with my baby boy. A win!

military jacket

Please share with me your go to stylish yet comfortable outfit. How do you get out of a style rut? 

Love x Light


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