The Workout Regimen that My Body Responds To

The Workout Regimen that My Body Responds To

Fitness is a way for you to take time to love yourself. It doesn’t have to be intense or leave you limping home. Ideally, it should be a chunk of time that you carve out to take care of your body. Over the years, my routine and exercise of choice have changed. However, one thing remains the same, I try to remain active. As I mentioned recently on my IG, working out helps me to manage my never-ending thoughts. I internalize a lot, and my mind is constantly analyzing, pondering, and ruminating. From small, seemingly inconsequential details, to broad goals, and dreams of mine. Exercise is my way of coping with stress, anxiety, and managing my tendency to overthink. It’s also a way to reset my day and take time out for myself. Being a freelancer, wife and a mother, so much of my day is focusing on others and their needs, so exercise is the part of my day where I can focus on me.

Pushing Bob (Leg workout)

Admittedly, there are times where my son wants to go to the gym with me. On those days, I’ll tell him to pack up his toys and remind him that he needs to behave and entertain himself. He agrees and we do it! This has definitely gotten easier now that he is older.

Leg Workout

As a rule, I like to work out earlier in the day. Then, I’m done and I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll make it to the gym later. Something always comes up and I find it’s so much easier to blow off an evening workout. In addition, to my high-intensity boot camp type classes, I’ve started to jog around the track in the evenings with my husband. I used to run track all throughout school, up until college. I came to a place of hating to run, so I avoided it like the plague. But, now I’m older and my body responds better to variety, so I have incorporated it into my routine. Also, we make it a family thing. My son uses his scooter on the track and my husband does drills. My husband now feels like the fact that I’m coming has served as a silent accountability system for him so that’s a double win.

Step Back Lunges

I used to be an avid Bikram yogi and I’ve definitely fallen off since my son. This is most likely because the classes are 90 minutes and with a full-time job and baby, it was a lot to commit to. However, since my schedule is more flexible these days, I’m incorporating it in my regimen, 1-2x a week.

Jump Rope

Summary of my routine:

  • 5-6x/week of boot camp type classes at my gym | I love the “you fit” classes which is a circuit style calisthenics using your own body weight, or the “boot fit” classes which are high-intensity circuit style, total body workout with various training stations.

  • 3-4x/week of track runs and lunges (very light and easy running)

  • 1-2x/week of hot yoga

The videos are just a sample of my workout. I’ll continue to post a few snippets from my workout on my IG.

Arm Workout

I absolutely love my gym. I get a really hard workout and the trainers are super supportive and push you without being unnecessarily nasty. A lot of the exercises I do can be done virtually anywhere, so if you haven’t found a gym, that shouldn’t stop you from getting your sweat on.

At the end of the day, figure out what your body goals are, and find a fitness regimen that is aligned with that.

Let me know if there is something more you want to know about my workout routine. I’m going to do a post on supplements and nutrition soon. Also, if you have a workout you enjoy, please share. I love to shape it up from time to time:)

Love x Light,


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