My Proven Techniques To Getting the Most Out of My Sheet Masks

Sheet mask

If you follow my instastories, you know I often use sheet masks. Every single day, in fact, sometimes twice a day. I wanted to share all my good tips on how I sheet mask and a few of my favorite ones!

Sheet mask

1. Start with a clean face! - Clean and tone.

2. Serums, Serums -Apply serums after washing and toning your face and before the sheet mask. This helps with maximum absorption. My hands down favorite to use is vitamin C for combatting hyperpigmentation and dull skin.

3. Ice cold -  I like to refrigerate most of my skincare and my sheet masks are no exception. Not only is it helpful for minimizing pores, but the coolness of the mask helps to lock in moisture, delivering the supple and radiant skin that most of us crave. It is also the best tool to combat puffiness.

4. All About the Eyes  - Add an eye mask under your sheet mask to give that delicate area nourishment and special attention.

5. Accommodate your face - One of my favorite masks is a gold collagen mask. I love this mask and my skin always seems extra clarified after applying it, but the mouth area is basically a slit. Too small for my lips so I always cut that area to accommodate my mouth. Try making whatever adjustments you need for your personal comfort.

6. Roll the mask - I’m obsessed with jade rolling (post to come soon) and lately, I have started to roll my masks to push the nutrients into my skin and accomplish max absorption.

7. Don't Let the Good Stuff Go to Waste - I never throw out the sheet mask packaging without first squeezing out the excess liquid and using it on my neck and hands. You have to share the love and these two areas are easily prone to aging.

8. Too Much of A Good Thing - Often times I do my masks at night after my son is down, and as a result I'm exhausted and sometimes fall asleep, only to wake up and have to peel a stiff mask off of my face which completely defeats the purpose of using them in the first place. Try not to go past 20 minutes because at that point, you are no longer infusing your skin with good stuff, but conversely removing moisture.

9. Moisturize & Protect - After your mask, don’t  forget to moisturize, apply eye cream, and sunscreen (if you are doing the mask in the morning).

I have noticed a major difference in my skin since I started doing sheet masks daily. I have even started stashing them when I come across one that I like. I find them at Amazon, Marshalls & a few local shops.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Drop me a line and let me know if you've tried any of these or if you have a sheet mask tip that isn't on this list. Glowing, radiant skin is always the goal:)


Love x Light

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