Romper Love & Self-Love

I love jumpsuits and rompers almost as much as I love a beautiful dress. Like a dress, it's a one stop shop to getting ready quickly and that works for me. This palm tree print romper is so feminine and chic. Currently, I am slightly obsessed with palm tree prints. I'm actually thinking about covering one wall of my new walk-in closet with palm tree wallpaper. To be explored..

 Milly Romper, Prada Sunnies

Milly Romper, Prada Sunnies

A romper with a cold-shoulder top? Sartorial bliss. I especially love the bow detail on the sleeves. 


As you know, my outfits have to make me feel good and feel empowered when I wear them. I need to hear my own unique theme song in my head when I wear something, otherwise, I feel uninspired and I'm not spending my money.


Lately, I have employed this same attitude to my life. I'm becoming less and less afraid about pursuing various goals and dreams and this is very liberating albeit still a little daunting. In the past, I have gotten into the habit of pursuing something and then, when it's not going the way I want, I tend to close up and shut down, rather than seeing it as a mere bump in the road and continuing on the path I set out on.

Milly Palm Tree Romper

Sometimes the fear of failure or even worse, the fear of greatness, keeps you in a chokehold. Ordinary and "basic" can be a hell of a comfort zone.

More importantly, if you aren't actively chasing your dreams and goals, then it's a path you're familiar with and already know a little something about. I know this is certainly the case for me. So now I am focused on pursuing the unknown, even though I'm a bit of a control freak and am often greeted with surprises on the journey. However,  when I reach little successes along the way, it's encouraging and motivational for pushing forward.

Prada sunglasses

One last thought. I do this often and I hear people do it all the time. Downplaying myself when I receive a compliment. I have been in a very bad habit of responding "I try" to almost everything. Someone says, "you write so beautifully", my response? "I try". Someone says you look amazing today, my response? "I try" or "Are you you sure I don't look like fright night? I don't have any makeup on." Then one day, a friend said to me, "Stop saying that. You don't try, you do! And you do it well." Boom! Such beautiful and encouraging words helped me to see that as we get older we are trained to play the humble card to the point where we think of acknowledging our strengths and talents as being boastful. Why? When did it become gauche to own all that you are, believe in yourself, and be proud of what you have accomplished?


So on this journey of perpetual self-evolvement and self-improvement, I will challenge myself to a. pursue my goals relentlessly no matter how discouraged and afraid I become, and b. own the woman I am and stop attempting to dim my own light.

Perseverance quote

Do you have these moments? Do you think it's too obnoxious to just accept a compliment without being self-deprecating in response? Let me know either here, on FB or IG. I love reading your comments and thoughts:)


Get the look:

Photography by Kait Ebinger