The Skincare Routine That Has Yielded the Best Results

The Skincare Routine That Has Yielded the Best Results

If you follow me on IG, you know that I am a devout skincare addict. I’m obsessive about my skincare and usually do sheet masks daily, sometimes even twice a day. I love to try new skincare products although, I am pretty conservative about what I apply on my skin. My skin is sensitive, so just one wrong move can leave me with an unwanted mark that takes forever to disappear. Case and point. A few months ago, we were experiencing frigid, below zero weather and the frigid, numbing wind, gave me windburn on the left side of my mouth. This, in turn left a nasty mark, and now I am currently undergoing a series of glycolic peels to even out the skin tone. Well for one of my peels, I had a bad cold and the area around my nose was pretty raw from all of that blowing. I should have cancelled my peel, but I figured I would be fine. Welp! I was fine, but left with two dark dots under my nose. I digress!

Lately, I’ve been asked about my routine and the products I use so I created this post. My goals for my skin are to have the best, most even-toned skin I could have. I want makeup to enhance my natural beauty, not help me to recreate an entire face. I want to feel comfortable to go makeup free if I need to or want to, without feeling self-conscious about my skin. In addition to the regimen, I make sure to drink copious amounts of alkaline water (you can make your own) and since I’ve recently limited my alcohol intake, I’ve seen my skin get even better.

Here is what I do every day:

  1. Cleansing: After a long day of make-up, I definitely make sure to double cleanse. Once with an oil-based cleanser and then, the second time with a water-based cleanser, to make sure I have moved all residue. I have discovered that usually when you are experiencing problems with your skin, not thoroughly cleaning it, is the first culprit. Some people don’t clean their skin the morning because they feel like, they cleaned it at night, all they did was sleep, etc. However, a lot happens at night. I don’t think you need to double clean, but I would still clean it. You should be ok with micellar water. NOTE: I do not use all the cleansers currently, but I wanted to provide what has or is currently working for me.

2. Exfoliate: If I have time in the morning, I exfoliate 2-3 times a week. If no time in the morning, I’ll save it for the evening. Exfoliating speeds up cell turnover, sloughing off dead skin to reveal what’s fresh and new underneath.

3. Spray Mists: After washing and exfoliating, I spray a hydrating or serum mist on my face. This one I use from Soko Glam (H2 Serum Spray) is simply amazing and lately, this is the one I haven’t strayed from. It’s the best for my skin.

4. Serums: I use any serums I’m going to use right after my mists, to maximize absorption.

5. Eye Cream: Eye cream is a pertinent step in skincare. I definitely have dark circles under my eyes since I’ve gotten older, but with the right products and consistently, never neglecting this area, I have seen this drastically improve.

6. Moisturizer: I usually brush my teeth while I’m waiting for serums to melt into my skin. After that’s done, I apply my moisturizer.

7. Sunscreen: I apply sunscreen to my face every morning. Since I battle with hyperpigmentation, I can afford to skip it and I use SPF 45+. Especially, while doing a glycolic peel series and because I use Vitamin C as one of my serums, my skin is more sensitive to the sun. I also don’t want to undo any of my brightening treatments, so sunscreen is a crucial step of skincare. I found a really phenomenal sunscreen the last time I was in Copenhagen. It didn’t leave an awful white residue on my skin and melted in seamlessly. But sadly, since they do not sell it in the states, the Elta MD brand is the next best thing.

I understand this seems like a lot to do, but it’s a system that works and I’ve gotten so used to doing it. I don’t even notice it taking me that long. I apply my sheetmasks after serums in the evening and if I have time, I might double up and do it in the morning on occasion. You can read a book, watch tv, be on your phone, or whatever, while you treat and pamper your skin. My husband and son are so used to seeing me “masking” that it doesn’t even phase them at this point.

Doing this routine, consistently and religiously has netted me glowing skin. The products I recommended, work for me. You might need to find products that work specifically for your skin, but the skin regimen in and of itself, is solid and should work for most people that stay committed to it.

I will post next week on the internal products I take that have taken my skin to the next level.

Also, I’m thinking about launching a month long skin challenge where you implement one thing to boost your skin game. If this is something you would be interested in, comment here, fb or IG and let me know!

Love x Light, Fam!


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