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Reflections in Coupledom: A Year Apart & What I Learned

I have a confession...My husband and I have recently reunited after a long time apart. Almost a year to be exact. Even though, I am mostly an open book, this post isn't about that. However, during our time apart, I've learned a few things that I would love to share with you: 1.

The 'Non-Mommy' Mommy

In the very beginning, I was thrilled. Excited. Happy beyond measure. Then, my emotions melted into anxiety. Worry. Stress. Is everything going to be ok? You can't be too sure until you are out of the first trimester.... Fast forward to the bundle of joy arriving. A new set of concerns.

Go Natural: New Organic Beauty Brand That I Love

Last weekend, I briefly stopped in the "Go Africa" festival in Harlem. There were some really talented vendors, but you know I made a beehive to all skincare booths. I fell in love with two natural brands, the first of which I want to talk about today.

Afropunk 2017: This Ish Is For Us

I had a chance to hit up Afropunk yesterday and for the uninitiated, it's an annual music and arts festival that celebrates Black creativity and being different from the mainstream. It is a space where Black activism and leadership can co-exist with style, music, and fashion.

No Mediocre: 9 Ways To Ensure Getting What You Want Out of Life

The other day, I was jamming to an oldie but a goodie. T.I.'s song, "No Mediocre". This song is a bit vulgar so if you are easily offended by profane language, maybe skip it. I love T.I. and vulgarity aside, it has an important message that I feel is applicable to life in general.

Sunday Musings: Manufactured Realities

We've gone "voyeuristic" as a society, and it's no secret that we have social media to thank for that. The opportunity to peek into a person's life and draw conclusions on the kind of life we perceive them to be living is rampant and almost addictive behavior.

Let Love Go: 6 of the Most Important Signs a Relationship is Done

Love makes the world go around and relationships can be beautiful, fulfilling, all consuming, complicated, and a range of emotions that fall anywhere in between the aforementioned. For this special piece, I tapped into my most valued resource, my readers. Sometimes we're in a relationship and we're

Sunday Musings: Heavy Is the Head that Wears the Crown

"Be strong they say, support your man, raise your man, think like a man. Well damn, I gotta do all of that? Who's out here working for me?

Be safe today and I'm wishing you and yours the most beautiful and amazing encounters, experiences, and joys in the New Year ahead!

Love and Light,