Vision Boards: The Powerful Tool You Need to Help You Manifest Your Goals

I recently completed my new vision board and wanted to share the process and why you should be using this powerful tool to help you manifest your goals. The concept of a vision board is similar to the Law of Attraction where you use the power of thought to attract all that you want in your life. A vision board is all about assembling images that invoke positive emotions associated with your specific goals. Ideally, you would place this board in a prominent and visible place in your home where you could view it on a daily basis to set into motion the powerful and positive energy necessary to attract your heart's desires.

What You Need:

  • posterboard (you can make it as small or as large as you'd like)
  • glue
  • magazines
  • photos or text relevant to your goals 

How to Create One

1. Take some time to think about what you want over the next six months to a year. (This is a good timeframe for a vision board and you can redo yours as often as you like.) Grab a glass of wine, light a candle and just take some time to map out the kind of life you want.

2. Find images, words, and phrases that are associated with #1. For example, I want to travel more in the next year. Specifically to Ghana and Denmark, so I found the Ghanaian flag and a canal in Copenhagen for my board. You can always find images that are synonymous with your dreams.

3. Snip what you find and paste it on to your board. I like to organize my board according to each goal. I have a travel corner, relationship corner, career corner, home corner, etc. Each goal has a spot. Again, you can organize however you want, but this is just what worked for me.

4. Frame your vision board. 

5. Hang it in your office or an area in your home that you visit daily.

 Why It Works:

Our Intention creates our reality.
— Wayne Dyer

A vision board helps you to focus and detail specific life goals. Visualizing your goals on a daily basis helps to serve as a constant reminder of the various steps necessary to make your goals happen. Its presence is meant to be a pervasice source of inspiration, a reminder of what you want, and how you want to feel on a regular basis. Often times, even the most diligent one amongst us, loses sight of our goals and we sometimes get weighed down by the constant grind. A vision board is meant to keep you on track! 

Drop me a line and let me know what your experience has been with vision boards.  Here, IG or FB. Also, if there are other "Law of Attraction" tools that have been helpful to you, please do share with me. I love to hear from you:)


 A small portion of my vision board

A small portion of my vision board